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Pics of My Empty Backyard

Nancy Patterson February 9, 2011 Easy Street 4 Comments on Pics of My Empty Backyard

This is a picture of my backyard. When friends stop by they say things like, “Oh how nice and simple your yard is.

Bland and boring is what I think when I see it. It’s devoid of anything fun. It’s just a flat piece of property. And because there is nothing there we don’t use it. The space is completely wasted on us.

What I wish was in my backyard was a pool. A rectangular shaped, modern pool with water like glass, lights that change from one soft color to the next at night, and the sound of trickling water as it flows over a water feature to drown out all other existing sounds. There is nothing I wish for more in the months of May through October when the South Florida sun beats mercilessly down on its inhabitants.


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Even in South Florida it’s possible to get sick of winters cooler temperatures and long for the days of warm sun on our faces, tan bodies and pool parties.

I have longed for this ever since we moved into this house about seven months ago. We’ve had pools at several of our other residences before. Though, it wasn’t until I went without one that I truly realized how much I missed it. I’ve even started a special savings account for it.

I started off by setting up automatic transfers from my checking account to a special savings account I set up for this. My goal is $25,000. I contribute $50 a month to an account that’s earning 2% interest.  At this rate it will take me less time to pay off the mortgage on my house then it will to save for a pool.

In this newsletter I always harp on the importance of saving and making your money work for you.  Though when it comes to reaching your financial goals simply saving is not enough.  This is especially true for me in my current pool situation. I’ve got to earn more money too. Earning more money is definitely doable, but not the quickest of tasks.  You can’t simply say I want to earn more money today and wake up to an overflowing piggy bank tomorrow. It doesn’t work like that.   You need to work at it.

But the time I do take to earn more will pay off down the road. If I spend the necessary time to send out some emails, gather leads, and put together a few ads for my business I can increase my monthly revenue. Even if I picked up just one more client and brought in an extra $300 more a month, I would cut down the number of years it would take me to reach goal from over 30 to less than six years.

It’s also possible to earn more by saving more.

Spending your money wisely allows you to reach your goal faster. Anybody can earn more money, that’s not a big problem. But if you spend everything you make you aren’t going to reach any of your financial goals.  By spending that extra $300 in income on other smaller wants my dreams of a backyard oasis will never materialize.  When working towards a goal it’s about making smart money decisions and banking as much cash as possible.

It’s also important to utilize your money properly to earn more money faster. By this I mean making smart investments with the extra income you earn. This includes putting money in high interest savings accounts, choosing short term investment vehicles like CDs and bonds, and keeping up to date with rising interest rates.

Saving money is not about sacrifice, it’s about directing it to the areas in our lives that are most important to us. For example, I love the iPhone. But I do not have one. The phone I DO own is three years old. It doesn’t have apps, I can’t connect to the internet with it or upload pictures with the touch of a button. Despite those limitations I do not feel like I am depriving myself by not having an iPhone.  I don’t want to pay the extra monthly fee for a data plan or the fees for the ability to text or upload my current status, all of which come from having an iPhone.

If I did my cell phone bill would easily be $50 a month more expensive. I’d rather stick with what I got because it’s cheaper. I prefer to spend money in other areas of my life. The money I DON’T spend in this area allows me to do other things in my life. Like save for a pool.

If saving money can help you achieve your financial goals and earning more money can also help you meet your goals, then the clear conclusion should be that if you apply both of these techniques you will achieve your goals much faster. I believe that these two principles should not be at odds with one another, but instead one endeavor should support the other.

That’s also the principles behind of League of Power (LOP). Mark Patricks started LOP several years ago with these same principles in mind. It is not by accident LOP provides you with information on how to save money (Easy Street newsletter), make more money (Weekend Business Blueprint newsletter) and how to grow your money (Freedom By Friday newsletter) each week. These three principles are the cornerstone to achieving your financial dreams. I hope you take advantage of everything League of Power offers you each day. The opportunities that are presented are limitless. The more you try, the faster you will see what works for you.


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So how’s it possible?  IS IT possible?

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Keeping Money In Your Pocket,

Nancy Patterson

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  1. THOMAS RATHGEB February 9, 2011 at 8:26 pm


  2. NELSON D COY February 10, 2011 at 9:16 am

    I agree with the article “Easy street: A penny saved is a penny earned.” It is not how much money you make that puts you ahead, it is what you do with it. If you miss-manage large sums of money (unwise purchases and bad investments)the money will be wasted. But a small amount of money spent wisely and the savings is invested for a profit you will go a lot further. There are documented cases where a million dollar lottery winner went through all his money in a years time and had nothing of significance left to show. It is a fact that God does not give us wealth, He gives us the wisdom to attain wealth. ANYONE CAN BE TAUGHT TO BE A GOOD MONEY MANAGER. Thanks for listening.


  3. Mbakwa February 10, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Saving from my meagre salary is possible but the amount saved is very little for me to meet my dreams as soon as I would have love. Infact I could never build a house with the savings.
    Is it possible to engage into some business and pay only when you start to earn something. That will be the business I could start with.

  4. Nancy Patterson February 10, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the great comments. Thomas that’s great that you’ve paid off your debt. When you start small and keep working at it you can achieve big results.

    Nelson, you’re 100% right. Money can provide a nice safety net, but only if you know what you’re doing. You can’t spend like a lunatic and expect that safety net to continue to be there. I know people who’ve made working class incomes their whole lives who live quite well. The key is saving, careful spending, and not wasting money on junk you don’t need.

    I’m working on some new ways to boost my income now. This should help me reach my goal faster. I really want the pool but as I’m sure you know… I’m not going to overspend or add a bunch of debt to get it.

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