Reminder to Globalists: Trump Was Our “Polite Way of Asking”

The Jeb! donor class of globalists who hate America and want to turn us into an unincorporated county under the wise dictatorship of the UN have a lot of free time on their hands these days. Especially now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead and their weekend trips to the island have been canceled.

Hopefully with all this spare free time available, a few of them will stumble upon this column and realize that the American people are infuriated about how they’ve wrecked the country through their mass immigration policies. Even though they think President Trump is as bad as we uppity voters could possibly get, they need to realize this fact: Donald Trump’s first term in office was our nation’s Angry-But-Still-Polite phase.

If they believe Donald Trump is “literally Hitler” now, they really need to step away from Martha’s Vineyard and DC for a few minutes and talk to some real people out in the parts of America that they despise.

We tried the Polite phase on immigration for more than 100 years. Americans were begging the federal government for a wall on our southern border to keep the violence in Mexican Revolution from spilling over our southern border. And that was before World War I.

At various times in the 20th century, we politely informed Congress (by throwing the bums out) that we really, truly would like a wall on our southern border and mass deportations to help restore a better quality of life for our own citizens. The 1994 Republican revolution was one example.

Newt Gingrich promised Americans that the GOP would deliver a border wall and rigorous border enforcement. After the voters delivered the GOP the historic ’94 takeover of the House, Gingrich quickly pulled a bait-and-switch and offered us… tax cuts! There are other examples, but you get the point.

The politicians have never gotten the point and the globalists are even more clueless. We want our country back – and now that we’ve proven that we still can wrest control away from them by electing Donald Trump, we’re not giving up. We’re not backing down. If the globalists don’t like our Angry-But-Still-Polite phase, they’re really not going to like it when we advance to the OK-We’re-Not-Kidding-Around-Anymore phase.

For an example of what the OK-We’re-Not-Kidding-Around-Anymore phase looks like, it’s worth checking out what’s happening in India right now.

When the Bangladesh War of Independence happened back in 1971, a ton of people flooded over the border into northeast India. While they might technically qualify as “refugees,” none of them stopped at a border checkpoint and asked for permission to come in. A couple of generations later, northeast India has all the requisite problems that impact a nation when it’s flooded by a mass invasion.

The illegals undercut the locals for jobs in India’s already not-exactly-Baltimore economy. It’s crowded and dirty, housing costs are sky-high, the schools are overcrowded and so forth. It’s a mess. But, since India is not one of the stupid countries that has an anchor baby policy, none of the illegal aliens there have citizenship.

The national government of India just published a “citizenship list” for the northeast region of the country that was eagerly anticipated for some time. If a family cannot trace its roots in northeast India back to the years prior to that 1971 war, you’re not on the citizenship list.

They even stationed 20,000 extra troops in the region to get ready for the publication of the list. If your name is not on the citizenship list, it’s time to pack your bags – or India will pack them for you.

There are nearly 2 million people whose names were not on India’s citizenship list. That’s how many illegal aliens the original batch of uninvited refugees blossomed into, because the politicians in India ignored the problem for too long. They’re not ignoring it now! Naturally, the globalists are all upset about this.

I especially like the regional approach that India is taking with its illegal alien problem. We could easily repeat it here. Send every ICE agent in the country into San Diego County for a couple of weeks and let them do their jobs. Rinse. Repeat. California could be a red state again before the 2020 election.

In a particularly hilarious and Trump-like move, the Indian government conveniently left some of its political enemies off the citizenship list as well. One uppity college professor complained to the New York Times that his father was on the citizenship list, but his name had been left off.

Bureaucratic bungling in the assembly of the list, no doubt. Wink, wink. Fredo Cuomo of CNN had better hope the Trump administration doesn’t publish its own “citizenship list.”

The globalists have insisted for years that it would be impossible for America to round up all our illegal aliens and deport them. There’s just too danged many of them! Please clap?

So, it will be interesting to watch what the excuse will be after India rounds up 2 million people and dumps them off on the Bangladesh side of the border. Once the illegal aliens are kicked out of India, it will be much more difficult for them to get back in from the Bangladesh side of the border, thanks to the generosity of the American taxpayers.

India is a country that actually cares about its own people, so it’s spent the past 12 years building a 1,700-mile wall along its border with Bangladesh. It’s a beautiful wall, by the way. Lots of concrete topped with barbed wire, combined with really potent electric fencing in some areas. By the time that little construction project is complete, it will cover the entire 2,116-mile border between the two countries.

Those plucky Indian engineers really haven’t complained much about the terrain being hilly, swampy or otherwise having some sort of geographic obstruction that makes it “impossible” to build a wall there. No matter what’s in the way, the wall is going up. If he wanted to, the leader of India could go on TV to brag that he built a wall and made America pay for it. Which we did, by sending India billions of dollars in foreign aid to secure their own border.

That’s how India is protecting its people, and it is how we expect our government to protect our people. We’re not kidding around, globalists. And when we reelect Donald Trump to a second term by an even wider electoral college victory, you’re going to know it.

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