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Ron Paul’s Turn – Part 2

Holiday Greetings! Last week I wrote once more about Ron Paul and how he was surging in the race for the Republican nomination, but would not be the winner…despite how he shows in Iowa or anywhere else. It’s not the good Doctor that I am not fond of, nor his platform. It’s the reality that he does not have the personality to lead. Yes, America, being President is a personality contest in this day and age.

I wanted to share some of the responses we received on the article and of course share my responses to the responses!


A Dollar and a Dream

“A dollar and a dream”…  This was the famous ad slogan for the NY l.o.t.t.e.r.y. several years back. Your chances of winning are virtually zero.  But hey… It’s only a buck!

Well what if you could get hundreds, thousands, or even a million people to give you one lousy dollar just like the l.o.t.t.e.r.y.?  That’s what’s happening here!

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.    BRP Sr “I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter for years, and I’m a combat wounded veteran. I am forced to agree on his lack of personality. However, one keeps hoping that truth and ideas will win out against looks and BS. Maybe a forlorn hope. See, my problem is after Paul, and possibly Bachmann, I feel like I’d just be voting for the Kenyan but with a real US birth certificate.  I don’t think any of the others understand, or worse, care about the Constitution or the dire straits this country and world are in. And it appears that they all LOVE the idea of big government….also known as dictatorship… Bush said its best when he said he liked a dictatorship, as long as he was the dictator.” On December 19, 2011 at 6:49 pm

It would be great to see Ron Paul win something. I do feel that his showing this year will send a much stronger message than in the past that the establishment is not going to last very long. Over the past two years we have seen the emergence of the Tea Party, Occupy “whatever” and Ron Paul. These may be fringe elements, but that fringe is beginning to flex some muscles in the Capitol, on Wall Street and on Main Street.

.    KS   “If you are a true American, you would have thought twice about foisting your Ron Paul’ opinion on your readership. OUR cause for liberty and freedom, not to mention saving this once-great country, needs every fiber of positive energy and optimism, lest we suffer the consequences ahead should ANY OTHER candidate/NWO-puppet get elected!!!  You have respect from your readers. Therefore, you have the ability to actually sway opinions (unfortunately).  Please consider doing some sort of a follow-up on this negative Ron Paul piece. The stakes are just too high to callously put forth something such as this.”  On December 19, 2011 at 6:54 pm

KS, I would not call my piece negative by any means. Not that I want it to be a rah rah piece for Ron Paul either. I mentioned several positive aspects of his candidacy and platform. I pointed out the reality of the situation and that is Ron Paul is not going to be able to win the nomination or the General Election in my opinion because he just doesn’t connect with the majority of voters on either side. He has a following, without a doubt. He has a message. He is consistent. However, his positions are extreme most of the time which leads to his dismissal in the minds of most middle of the road voters.

.    RR   “BHO won in 2008 because he was the most personable candidate with a message which people enjoyed hearing.  What then can we (those of us who recognize the importance of image/personality in marketing our messages to the people) do to help Ron Paul develop what he needs to win?”  On December 19, 2011 at 7:08 pm

RR, I am sure that I am not the first person who has pointed out Ron Paul’s personality issues. At age 76, I doubt that he is in the mood to change very much and probably can’t do so without coming across as a phony. My suggestion would be for Dr. Paul to point out the positive effects of his policies – the results of what he is trying to put forth. He focuses on the negative aspects so much, that by the time he gets to anything positive, people are either too scared to listen or tune out altogether.

.    Don  “The fact that you would say that he is not going to get elected for his personality is exactly what is wrong with this country in the first place . Your an idiot . Who gives a sh*t what his personality is like !! All we should care about are his views and what he stands for !!” On December 19, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Don, take a reality pill. “Your” off base if you think that personality does not count. In a perfect world it should be all about views and what he stands for…when you find that world, drop me a line.

.    AL   – “Ron Paul for treasury, NOTHING else.” On December 19, 2011 at 11:18 pm

.    Bozz – “Resistance is victory! If your not for Ron Paul winning, then you are against everything that is right and good in politics. The establishment is freaked out that Ron Paul is winning, because they will go to prison when he wins.” On December 20, 2011 at 2:58 pm

.    Bill – “Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who really understands the Constitution from its beginning. He knows about the bad guys and since he is NOT drinking the Washington Kool Aid as is Newt just lets see what happens. Yes the Rep higher ups do not like Paul cause he does not bow to their Builderberger New World Order crap. BC” On December 20, 2011 at 3:15 pm

Ed – “I’m not sure I agree with Dr Paul NOT wowing anybody; apparently you didn’t see his standing ovation on Jay Leno the moment he walked in or Jay’s 2nd guest who showed up wearing a Ron Paul revolution t-shirt and stump speech-ed for Dr. Paul. Apparently everywhere he goes where people pay attention he actually does wow people and its only the media that keeps repeating this nay-saying… And as for his policies, all of us with brains know he has those right. So, perhaps encourage people that he COULD win and that we would be smart to support him and ridicule the media. thanks and have a good day.”

Ed, Dr. Paul has his moments. But, taking the results of ovations from Late Night Talk shows or even his own events and extrapolating those to the general public are not realistic. Remember, there is no applause meter at the voting booth and there are no warm up acts to get you in the mood while you’re waiting in line. I hope that he polls well and some of his ideas do make it to the table in some form. That could be the best possible outcome and the one he is aiming for himself.


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Kevin Raymond

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  1. George McClelland December 26, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    I don’t believe the current government will be in power a year from now. The substitute government that honors the ORIGINAL constitution is standing by to peacefully take over and hold new elections shortly thereafter. More people support what is happening behind the curtain than you think. And it is likely Ron Paul will be the winner.

    Changes are already in the wind which will make our future vastly better than the past thousand years. Oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear became obsolete in 1902 and is our controlling force because of big business and government. That will soon cease and almost free energy will be collected from the natural environment without any environmental damage. The technology already exists but has been repressed. Almost free energy will be available to everyone, including the most isolated and poorest places. Free energy is only the tip of the iceberg of the benefits coming to mankind – benefits which we could already be enjoying except for greedy people and governments which have kept them repressed.

  2. JH December 26, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Sir you may be talking about Ron Paul in a negative way but it is not. The American People are the ones you are talking about negatively.You say Americans are the idiots voting for some one with a quaff, smooth talk, and a pleasing appearance. I believe Americans are tired of the parade of soothe saying wonks and NWO puppets. Ron Paul’s lack of the other external qualities is exactly what we need in this country. And all the BS aside Ron Paul’s initiatives make perfect sense. We don’t need a pretty boy/girl as president we need Ron Paul.

  3. Neal Browne December 26, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    It comes down to this: there is an ideal world and a real world. We all long for the ideal world, but we have to live, day to day, in the real one. Would I like some of the aspects of that ideal world? In a heartbeat! But after having covered politics as a reporter for more than 18 years, I am confronted with the truism…reality bites.
    This isn’t business. It’s POLITICS IN THE REAL WORLD. Politics will never be about getting the ideal. I wish it were, but Dorothy had wishes that she were back in Kansas, too. We can all hail ideals. I do.
    But when it comes to WHAT WILL REALLY HAPPEN, history proves over and over that while we should always shoot for ideals, politics means that you will get compromise. Either the Democrats or the Republicans will win. Is that my ideal? No. Just because I wish it were different, doesn’t change that. Maybe in the future, hopefully. But for now in this election—no. All we can do is get the best we can get of what reality offers. That means measured disappointment.
    I’ve heard the argument for decades…”but only if enough people….” I agree, but, again, just because we close our eyes and clinch our fists doesn’t make it true.
    Pragmatically, we are down to this: a vote for an “independent” candidate might placate our conscience, but is in practicality, a vote for “the other side.” Unfortunately, we will have to settle for the best we can get. I am saddened to think it will not be great by any means. But it will be what we live with for the next 4 or so years.
    I unfortunately see it as the lesser of two evils. How’s that for inspiration! Campaign for the one you want, but when it comes to the voting booth, we must all think of the real world.
    I’d rather have the lesser of evils than the greater. A little air in a polluted atmosphere is better than none at all.

  4. Eddie G. December 26, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    It’s more American tradition to say Merry Christmas or Season’s Greetings versus “Holiday Greetings” which really grates me. Whatja do yesterday, gather ’round the “Holiday” tree?? Gov. Chaffee would’ve loved you. I’ll do it for you since you’re so chicken little to be a real American…MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL who read this column. Maybe Kevin will reform.

  5. Shawn December 26, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    I am a Ron Paul supporter and I disagree that he does not have the personality for being a great leader. He lacks the charisma of JFK and the camera presence of Regan, but he is the real deal and I think that people will be drawn to that aspect for his leadership. Boy Bush, and for God’s sake Clinton are examples of personas that were manufactured. They were traitors and liars. People want a leader that is a real person. the Bush/Obama years may be very catalyst for Dr Paul. It doesn’t get more phoney than those two and the people are hungry for a real person.

  6. Dutch December 26, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    For crying out loud, lets go ahead and get the”powers that be” in those prisons,where we that know the situation. They belong. Will there ever be a better opportunity?? Support,vote,holler,SUPPORT Dr. Ron Paul harder than ever. As they say in the South,”Git ‘er done”. As they say anywhere else,THINK–Support Ron Paul.

  7. OLIVER BERLINER December 26, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    There’s something to be said for every one of the commentaries you published…even those folks who say ‘Builderberger’ when they mean Bilderberger and ‘your’ when they meant you’re…which I think you should have correct at least with a “(sic)”. But you’re right, Ron Paul’s solutions are so logical and simple that they seem radical to folks who’ve been brainwashed into conventional yet illogical premises and solutions. Paul also rails against gov’t control, while liberals think it’s good for us despite its chipping away at America’s foundation. Paul also wants sound, non-Keynesian money while everyone waits for the next handout that helps feather politicians’ nests.
    However, I agree with those who dislike Paul for his stands, such as: (1) he’s anti-choice; (2) he’s anti- entitlements (including Social Security which workers, rich and poor, paid-for and which has come to be taxed, an outrage created by Bill Clinton).

  8. baldmurph December 27, 2011 at 5:50 am

    Anyone who thinks change will be easy or fast has been watching too many cartoons. I like “Bugs Bunny” and “Roadrunner” myself. We who like Ron Paul do so because his vision comes closest to matching ours of what we are and what we can be. Like the poem of the speech by Robert the Bruce “Scots wha’ hae wi’ Wallace bled . . . . ” we must persevere. This election, the next, or the next . . . . if we hope to get what we think is right, we must keep voting our conscience, not just be voting for a winner! Only then can we hope for the two to match!

  9. Robin D. December 27, 2011 at 9:04 pm


  10. Jeff December 27, 2011 at 9:16 pm


    I almost wrote last week, but i was busy that day; but since the Ron Paul question has come up again; i must comment.

    I am a Ron Paul supporter for the same reason that many of your other readers are; because he is right and not a new world order puppet.

    Next, I must comment on your last response. After saying that Ron Paul doesn’t wow people, you then contend that his showing on Leno’s program and his support at his own events doesn’t count because it doesn’t carry over to the general public.

    In so saying, one must ask why it doesn’t carry over?? It is clear that the reason that it doesn’t carry over is because the media and the political establishment BLOCK it from carrying over by repeating the same nonsense that you unfortunately parroted.

    That is, “oh Ron Paul CANT win.” this on its face if specious; didn’t he win election 12 times in 3 different decades ?? that’s a lot more than Mitt Romney WHO LOST TO TED KENNEDY !!

    The proper statement about Ron Paul’s candidacy is that he WILL WIN if he can get his message to the general public and get them to understand it.

    I am a conservative republican on paper but i am a freedom loving patriot in the lineage of Jefferson, Henry, and Sam Adams first and foremost.

    One cannot find solid ground to disagree with Dr Paul on ON VIRTUALLY ANY SUBJECT if one takes the time to listen to his explanation for his view on that topic; and lets say that one can find 1 subject that he is not completely convinced on after studying Dr Paul’s policies, in fact, for me that one is “free trade”; however, since Dr Paul directly and objectively convinced me of every other policy being the right ones, i will trust his judgement on the one I’m am not completely certain about.

    After all, what other candidate has any platform that makes any sense whatsoever on the biggest problems?? There isn’t one. None want to cut spending, none want to stop open-ended war, none want to curb the governments TOTAL control of the people and the eradication of the constitution.

    AND EVEN IF ONE OF THEM SAID THAT THEY DID WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE REAL PROBLEMS; the only real contenders in the race, Obama, Newt, Romney, and perhaps the governator of Texas—– not a one of them can be trusted to do what they say anyway, as everyone of them has a list of flip-flops so long, that is is objectively STUPID to believe a word that they say, even if they were to be correct on some specific policy.

    This alone is reason enough for any sane person to choose Ron Paul; after all, why would an American with a functional intellect, pick a candidate for president that is objectively a dishonest conman?? Several of our founders warned explicitly that any candidate for president should possess the highest personal standards of greatness, candid honesty(trustworthiness) being #1 on that list.

    And back to my 1 question on Dr Paul’s policies, even if he turns out to be wrong on free trade, we could then easily fix that problem; as it is one area that congress actually has constitutional authority. So if it didn’t work, we could then put tariffs and protections back in place, but this time make them benefit us instead of our trade partners !!

    People voted for Obama based on ONLY hype, as he was our state senator in Illinois and he did nothing in that capacity, not only did he not provide leadership, he didn’t even leave us a record because he didn’t even do his job and vote on bills that were before him!!

    He was merely a media created fantasy candidate; but what did the people vote for ?? they voted for “change” from what existed at that point in Washington ?? however, we didn’t get change, we got gw’s 3rd term. almost everything meaningful that Obama has done would have been done if bush had been in office a 3rd term. Print more money ? Check. Continue war? Check. Do more nation building? Check. continue deficit spending? Check. etc etc ad infinitum.

    So, the people of this country do want change and Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that represents that change AND he represents upholding the constitution at the same time; this IS THE CHANGE THAT PEOPLE WANT, but the media is not championing Paul like they were championing Obama. If they were, Dr Paul would be at 98% support in the Republican primary and 88% support nationally; and that is the real reality of his support momentum being so hard won.

    Lastly, let me ask you, who do you support?? And why?? I am quite certain that your readership would like to know based on their responses to you. I would also make one last observation on Dr Pauls popularity; please note that his support as a rock star, is not only in his youth rallies and his Leno showing, but it is represented in his overwhelming support on any and all online polls where he ALWAYS decimates all opponents; i would suggest that internet researchers tend to be “smarter” than the average sports/reality show/sitcom/video game junky; and that therefore the most intelligent people are already Ron Paul supporters, and now it is just time to get the sheep on board with a good marketing strategy.

    So help him out would you?? After all, YOUR children’s’ freedom hangs in the same balance.

    Thanks for your time. Jeff

  11. William December 27, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    Please show me another candidate who will not be controlled by the Corporatists and Banksters, who will truly defend the Constitution and restore the Bill Of Rights, restore our Government and tax burdens to Constitutional levels, who will heed General Eisenhower’s warning about our ever growing military industrial complex, reduce our military footprint to that level appropriate for DEFENSE, NOT nation building and global imperialist hegemony?
    Show me another who will break up the monopolistic cartel of private banks known as “The Fed”, and remove their power to print phony money!

    If not Dr Paul, then who? If not now, when?

  12. Helen December 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    I have been a Conservative all my life, and I’ve also kept up with Ron Paul’s career. How can the Republican Party (RP) continue to let this Libertarian destroy our Party? He may call himself a Republican when he switched sides, but he still thinks and talks like a Libertarian. If Mr. Paul gets elected, he will be no different than our own Dictator Barack Hussein Obama (yes, BO thinks and talks like a Communist Dictator). Or he may be even worse than Obama.
    Ron Paul has never, not once, supported another Republican in his entire career. He thinks drugs ought to be legalized. Gays in the military are wonderful.
    Gay marriage is just fine with him. He made the statement several weeks ago that America caused 911. He had the audacity to say that Pfc Manning is a hero and should be given a medal for exposing our military secrets to the world. He thinks we should never go to war to protect America, but we must sit down and talk to the terrorists. Is this man crazy?! If FDR had done that, not just Pearl Harbor would have attacked by the Japanese, the entire United States as well. If FDR had done that with Hitler, we would be speaking German. NO! We’re already the laughing stock of the world, and Mr. Paul will only drive the last nail to seal our fate. If our forefathers had done that, America would be under a Monarchy. If George Washington had done that, the British would have won. Why isn’t the U.S. Constitution being taught in our schools? The Liberal Democrats do not want the truth to be taught.
    I emailed the RNC and asked them why they haven’t removed Mr. Paul from the Republican Ticket?
    They haven’t responded, but it tells me they are a bunch of cowards. Mr. Paul has done nothing but bad mouth the Republican Party.
    He is giving the RP a really bad name. If a boxer refuses to fight for his title, then he deserves to lose. Seems the Liberal Democrats can bash and say a bunch of lies about the RP, yet the RP just cries “Boo Hoo!” and does not one thing to respond. I’m telling you right now, and do not doubt me,
    if the RP doesn’t do something to kick Ron Paul out of the RP, then we get what we deserve, a coward, and a traitor for President.
    Thank you for allowing me to express my views while it’s still legal to do so without fear of being arrested and sent to prison.
    We must never forget what: Hitler, Stalin and Mao did to those who spoke out against their evil regime. Are we to face the same fate?
    God hates cowards. Don’t believe me, then read Rev. 21:8.

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