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My friend, it’s a curious little thing about your short life that you make decisions that will affect this life, sometimes in a profound way, based on the information you receive from others serving agendas and perhaps even more so, based on what ‘feels right’.

If you make the right choices, you get rich. Make the wrong choices, you get poor. Make no choice at all, get even poorer.

When you look at it like that, it’s actually quite exciting I think. If there is a ‘secret formula’ to wealth, we’re on the right track; we need to ensure then that our information is of good quality and that what we feel is right, truly is the right thing to do.

Big picture facts are my preferred tool at any given time to stop myself being distracted by ‘what feels right’:

Big picture fact: The national debt now stands at $12.4 trillion. This is way worse than the gloomiest predictions a couple of years back. Do NOT lose sight of this big picture fact; it is THE underlying issue that cuts through all the BS and the politicians are running scared and tiptoeing around this big gorilla in the room.

Next big picture fact: unemployment is the problem that just won’t go away and will be holding back any recovery for a good deal of time. Small businesses do the most amount of hiring and as you can expect, they’re looking for ways to cut expenses in the face of intense and rising competition from Asia, and inability and/or desire to borrow for expansion.

Next big picture fact: You currently are faced with interest rates and a gold price that will not be this low for another generation. Take advantage of this.

We stand on the brink of a time that will make or break people- a genuine once in a lifetime opportunity to become rich… or desperately poor. So let’s examine how to see the light in a dark age of quality information…

First, quality information. There seems to be so many pundits out there! How can you possibly tell who are the good ones and who are the bad?

This really is a minefield because so many pundits have so many agendas. Let’s take television pundits. Television is essentially locked into their sponsors. Sure, they do have to report what happens, but you should be aware of this fact. Plus, if a TV commentator really knew that much why are they on TV every day instead of quietly retired on their yacht?

Consider this: the media are effectively a REFLECTION of what people WANT to listen to. If the masses don’t like what they hear on TV they switch it off and that’s not good for ratings. Because people have biased views, so does the media. You can’t blame them really when we are the cause. Just as politics is a mirror of the public’s whims, as we discussed last week, so is the media.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are saying they predicted this crisis. And they’re right (if they genuinely did say this was coming). But predicting something that any intelligent person could figure out isn’t the trick; the trick is predicting WHEN this event will happen. For example, I can make a prediction right here and now and I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT will be right. Would you like this prediction?

Okay, here it is…

The price of gold will go up.

So you, dear reader, listen to this and buy a heap of gold. Next month the price of gold drops by 20% let’s say. Was my prediction wrong? It depends on your timeline. An ounce of gold buys today what it did 2,000 years ago because gold keeps up with inflation. As we know inflation will continually rise, we also know gold will continually rise. That’s why I could make that prediction.

This is how certain ‘gurus’ can say they ‘called’ this crisis. From me to them: No you didn’t. Stop lying.

Nobody has a crystal ball; all we can do is make intelligent guesses. The money is made or lost in the fog, not the sunshine. So why not just stay in the sunshine? That’s what most people did in the build up to this crisis and now their 401k is severely damaged.

So now, whenever you hear a commentator or any opinion at all about the future direction of markets (their predictions in the fog), ask yourself this: “If they are so good, how come they didn’t see this financial crisis coming?” Did any of the talking heads on any of the financial news networks predict this?

Hmmm… how about… NO.

They may have invited a few people on to offer the gloomy thought, but that was purely for ridicule and they were promptly ‘booed’ off the stage. Viewers want opposing speakers sometimes of course as long as they get their ‘just desserts’, much like children want to see a villain in a pantomime get put down. It’s just good TV.

Stop listening to these fools on television. It’s insanity to keep doing the same things and expecting different results. Please stop it.

Remember: A bull market wants to go up with the LEAST amount of people on its back. A bear market wants to go down with the MOST amount of people on its back.

The daily chatter and ups and downs on the market will continue, but you must not lose sight of the bigger picture, ever: At this moment, stocks are expensive, with the Wilshire 5000 index of all U.S. stocks selling around 29 times earnings and yielding less than 1.9%. When those numbers are 8 and 5 respectively it will be time to buy stocks again and not before. These are the classic markings of a stock market bottom, not all the lame guesses and hype those monkeys on TV keep trotting out.

The rich and powerful OWN the media and wish to make a profit from doing so. FEAR SELLS so the media peddle fear. By tuning into fear mongering news channels and newspapers you are making the rich and powerful richer.

The rich and powerful are buddies with the politicians. They put them in power through contributions. They know that if a government strangles them too much they will take their business elsewhere.

Why am I telling you these sad facts?

Because I don’t want you to waste your life away trying to change this. The world is just the way it is and that’s that. True, if enough people marched through the streets and demanded a specific change and stood by their conviction, things would change. Alas, that won’t happen. All that will happen is what is happening now: a bunch of political rhetoric to calm down the angry mob until they forget about it and move on.

I’m sure that you, like so many right now, would like to lynch the boss of AIG and torture him to death. Let’s say that you COULD do that right now. Will your situation have changed?


The government, corporations and the media are mere reflections of the masses. Each of these 3 entities gives the people want they want. The products they want, the hopes and dreams they want, the right they think they have to a job and free handouts, the fears they have.

The whole thing works nicely as long as everyone shuts up, pays their taxes, and lives a docile and compliant existence. People meet at Starbucks and bitch about stuff, get it out of their system and go back to their jobs on Monday.

By meeting you here, I know you’re at least starting to question this whole game and wondering if you should play anymore. Of course, you should always pay your taxes, but there is a path to a more fulfilled life where you are free of what is in effect slavery to corporations, media, and government. Indeed, as an investor, corporations and governments can become slaves to you as they compete to borrow your money through the issuance of bonds (IOUs) and pay you handsome interest.

When you derive your income this way, that’s when you’ve turned the tables on the whole system. You’ve got off the merry-go-round. You’ve decided NOT TO PARTICIPATE in the whole nonsense.

This is the world of the sophisticated individual; the life of a League of Power member. Members don’t delude themselves about the reality of the world, they simply slip between the cracks and prosper, legally. Freedom comes when you break the chains from media, government, and corporations.

Best regards,

Kevin Raymond

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