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Someone Finally Leaks George Floyd Police Bodycam Footage

An anonymous government employee must have finally gotten tired of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s political antics. Ellison has dragged his feet for more than two months while attempting to build a murder case against the four police officers involved in the overdose death of George Floyd back on Memorial Day.

If you want to know why Americans haven’t seen that bodycam footage yet, AG Keith Ellison is the reason. But now the footage is out, and Americans can finally judge the matter for themselves.

The Daily Mail in London published the video online. Once again, great job, American media!

24 hours after the video has been available for the whole world to see, CNN has one story on their website about George Floyd; it’s a story about a Los Angeles corrections officer who was so upset by the original cell phone video that she quit her job and moved to Mexico. (The whole story is probably fake.)

MSNBC at least covered the story but claims that the video depicts George Floyd “begging for his life” – implying that they are fully invested in the narrative that George Floyd was “murdered” by the officers who attempted to arrest him on a forgery charge.


Keith Ellison never intended for the American people to see the police bodycam footage, which you can view below. The lie that George Floyd died from a police officer pinning him to the ground was too politically useful to the left. Ellison is the former Democrat National Committee’s vice chairman, and he is a member of the Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party – an openly communist political party. Ellison is also an avowed Islamist and has openly cheered the Antifa violence that has been plaguing American cities ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

Everything about Ellison’s resume screams, “I hate America.” Those who followed Ellison’s obnoxious career in the US House of Representatives are probably very familiar with him. He used to host a “Muslim Appreciation Day” on Capitol Hill and then used the opportunity to invite terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood to wander around the building, making everyone else nervous.

You may have figured that Keith Ellison wouldn’t be able to do as much damage as a state Attorney General compared to when he was in Congress. But Ellison managed to strike a crippling blow against the nation he hates this summer. By immediately charging the four Minneapolis police officers with George Floyd’s death – before an investigation had even been conducted – Ellison was able to fan the flames of a race war that is still unnecessarily playing out all across the country.

Ellison hid the police bodycam footage from the public because it tells a very different story than the one he is concocting for the Fake News Media and a future jury.

George Floyd never complied with the police at any point during the bodycam footage. When an officer first confronts Floyd in his vehicle, George Floyd keeps one of his hands out of the officer’s view. Any reasonable person knows that this makes police officers extremely nervous, given the dangerous nature of their jobs. The officer has to draw his gun and tell George Floyd to “Show me your other hand” nine times before Floyd complies.

Floyd immediately begins crying like a baby during the encounter. After the officer re-holsters his sidearm and attempts to get George Floyd out of the vehicle, Floyd begins blubbering like a baby and begging, “Please don’t shoot me, Mr. Officer!” There’s absolutely nothing normal about Floyd’s behavior.

The cop later asks two people who were with George Floyd why he’s “acting so squirrely.” The woman twirls a finger next to her head in the universal sign for “crazy” and replies, “He got somethin’ goin’ on.”

Even though the cops just took George Floyd out of a vehicle, he suddenly claims he has claustrophobia and can’t go inside a vehicle when they try to arrest him. Floyd is wailing in pain while he is still standing and starts chanting that he cannot breathe – long before he ends up restrained on the ground. The reason he was on the ground? Because he kicked his way out of the back of the police SUV when he didn’t want to be arrested.

This wasn’t a murder. This wasn’t an example of race-based police brutality. The police officers on the video are remarkably calm and professional through the entire ordeal. George Floyd’s death was really sad. Every one of the 20,000 annual American deaths due to Chinese-produced Fentanyl is sad. But a Fentanyl overdose (Floyd had three times the fatal amount of Fentanyl in his system, along with meth) is not useful to the communists who have taken over the Democrat Party and who hope to take over America in November.

Here’s the video that Keith Ellison and the Democrats had hoped to hide from Americans, at least until after the election:

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  1. Peter S. September 2, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    I think that we’ll find out the facts when this goes to court. The video only shows what a video can. The medical examiners autopsy will tell the cause of death. They say Floyd had a fatal overdose of fentanyl in his body.

  2. Leonard Jensen September 18, 2020 at 10:31 am


    So, I guess that once someone takes illegal drugs; anyone in law enforcers should be allowed to stand on their neck until they are dead?

    Wow! Thanks for the enlightenment. I can see your opinion comes from good Christian values. NOT!

    Peace Officers should not be permitted to murder civilians without probable cause. Being “High” is NOT probable cause. Murder is murder! Due process will convict the police officers.

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