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The Best September Travel Deals

How is the end of summer almost here? I haven’t even taken a summer vacation yet. I don’t even know where the time went.

Actually it’s a blessing in disguise Mr. Patterson and I haven’t taken a vacation yet this year. If I can convince the hubby to wait just a few more weeks travel deals will be abound! Some of the best travel deals start immediately after Labor Day in September. Kids are back in school, crowds have lessened, the travel season is mostly over, the weather begins to cool and the vacation deals get good.

Not every place is a good idea to visit in September. Hurricane season is at its peak in August and September. Vacations to Florida or the Caribbean can be a bit iffy this time of year. It’s also a time when a lot of shop owners in tourist attracting towns close up shop and go on vacations of their own. So visiting these towns might be a bit of a letdown with all of the closed down businesses.

But fear not my travel worthy companions! There are plenty of good places to visit in September. Good because the crowds will be gone and the prices will be CHEAP!


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Hilton Head, S.C.

Growing up my mom and dad always fought over where to go on vacation. My Dad being a huge golf fanatic wanted somewhere that offered lots of good courses and my mom wanted the beach. Hilton Head was the perfect fit for both of them. Thus I spent a week nearly every summer in this South Carolina destination. Going after the Labor Day weekend will knock about 25-35 percent off of prices for hotels and condos in the area. The crowds are gone so it’s easier to get tee times and find a spot on the beach to soak up some rays. The weather is still nice in September too. According to weather.com Hilton Head Island’s daytime highs are still in the mid 80’s with the evenings cooling off into the low 70’s or upper 60’s.

Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital is a great place to visit. It offers a ton of free attractions like The Smithsonian Museum, the National Zoo and the Lincoln Memorial. September in particular is a great time to go because the summer crowds have subsided and Congress is not back in session yet.  The weather in fall is very pleasant, with low humidity, comfortable temperatures, and plenty of sunshine still. To get a great price on a vacation to this locale look for a last minute deal on any of the major travel sites or try washington.org.


If you don’t have the time to plan out all the things you want to do on a summer trip, then a cruise is a good option for you. Cruises offer long lists of excursions and on board activities to choose from. Since September is still peak hurricane season skip the Caribbean cruises. Instead opt for a Mediterranean or Alaskan cruise. Both still have pleasant weather this time of year and can offer good deals. This is another instance in which waiting till the last minute to book can yield you a cheap vacation. Cruise lines like to sweeten the deal this month by offering onboard credits and free cabin upgrades to lure in customers.

Martha’s Vineyard

After Labor Day the majority of the tourists are gone for good. Less people means an easier time getting dinner reservations at any of the fabulous restaurants around the Cape and less time sitting in traffic! The best part is after Labor Day rental prices drop by 20-25 percent. If that weren’t enough, the water is still warm thanks to the Gulf Stream so it’s still pleasant to go to the beach this time of year.

Grand Canyon

September and even into the early months of fall are a good time to see the Grand Canyon. Summer is the peak of tourist season and you’ll have to fight the crowds and the extreme heat (temperatures can reach 120 degrees). Visiting mid-week will also yield you better results because many people go for long weekends. By visiting the site during the middle of the week, the tourists have either gone home or they haven’t yet arrived. Plus the weather is still pleasant enough that all of the trails will still be open. The South Rim is the most popular part of the Grand Canyon, it’s where 90 percent of all tourists go. The North Rim offers incredible views and trails too so look into this spot as well. If you go during the month of September or October you’ll catch the annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, an event that showcases the best Grand Canyon landscape artwork.


I have never been but everything I read about Paris talks about the surge of energy that comes to the city in September. Parisians call it “la rentrée”, meaning back to school. Locals return to the city from summer break, many shops reopen and the attractions are still open most of the day. There are often multiple music and art festivals held in September and October. The peak tourist season winds down in September so air and hotel fares are cheaper too. As an added bonus the weather is still pleasant. The average daily highs for Paris in September top out in the low 60’s to high 50’s.


By late September, early October Toronto’s foliage has started its graceful turn into autumn colors. It’s a beautiful place to see the leaves change color and still experience decent weather. The temperatures are cooling off but not yet brutally cold. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and it offers a plethora of things to do and see. Just be sure to avoid the city in the two weeks immediately following Labor Day. The Toronto International Film Festival starts the Thursday after the holiday and runs for ten days. Finding a hotel, let alone a good deal is pretty much impossible.

Disney World

September is one of the least crowded months at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. School aged children have returned to the classroom which results in shorter lines and cheaper prices. Travel sites roll out deals aimed at families with toddlers and young children as they don’t attend school yet. Watch for discounts on dining and resorts as well.  The park will still be crowded on the weekends though by locals and school groups so try to make it during the week. It will still be hot and humid in September but you’ll avoid the blistering 90 degree temperatures of summer. Don’t be scared off that it’s still hurricane season in Florida this time of year. Hurricanes rarely ruin the park or hit this interior city with any major impact.

To find these great deals check out all the major travel sites. Each offer great deals and packages for last minute summer get-a-ways in September. Overall this year deals should be better than usual and certainly cheaper than last year at this time.


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Keeping Money in Your Pocket,

Nancy Patterson

Additional tip: September is known to be a great month to find a job. Many employees spend summer vacation time interviewing for other jobs, which creates a lot of open positions that end up getting filled in September. If you are looking for a job right now you’re in luck! Troll through the wanted ads with a renewed sense that THIS will be the month you find gainful employment again!

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