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The Mindset You need to Build Wealth

You’re here because you want to be wealthy. You need the self-confidence and focus to follow your dream and this will be fatally undercut if you have the wrong philosophy of life and money. No amount of effort on your part will overcome a faulty philosophy. If, deep down, you believe that wealth is a sin or that money is dirty, or wicked then the first step is for you to correct this error or give up all hopes of wealth for you and your family.

What is a ‘wrong’ philosophy with regard to making money?

Anything which could be described as altruistic, socialist, collectivist, communist or any one of its thousand manifestations no matter what the label, no matter what the disguise, no matter what the smokescreen.

Most millionaires I’ve met are rugged individualists. Most of them despised government, although many were clever enough not to say so in public. And believe me, there were approximately zero socialists amongst them. A socialist, whatever he calls himself, is someone who believes that brute force should be used to loot from the productive, in order to provide handouts for the unproductive. No matter how you disguise it, or make it look fancy, that’s the plain truth of the socialist doctrine.

I believe that it is impossible for you to attempt to get rich if you have some nagging doubt that money is the root of all evil, that Capitalism is bad or that wealth should be divided up amongst the needy. You have surrendered the philosophical high ground if you sign up for any of these positions.

The teachings I produce in order to help people have a better life aren’t merely plucked from the air, randomly. My views are based on a solid, ‘from the ground up’ philosophy of life – a thing which few people have in our compromise age of mixed economies.

It is a powerful thing to have a coherent philosophy of life. Without this, you react to life’s events with a series of random, mood of the moment responses which are often contradictory and self-defeating. You pick emotions and opinions from an array of ill-considered viewpoints and hand-me-down beliefs.

In contrast, a coherent philosophy empowers you. The correct thing to do in all situations becomes obvious – it is merely a question of being strong enough to do it, which is not always so easy!

No thief, no con-man, no criminal will ever come close to stealing the amount of wealth taken from you by force due to bad philosophy. I am, of course, talking about state theft of your life efforts. If you do not believe such theft is wrong, your wealth-generating efforts are doomed.

My desire and that of many other successful people is simply to be left alone to create and produce.

We want our life, our liberty and the property we have slaved to accumulate. This is ours by right. These are the only real rights anyone can claim as a human being. Freedom from interference, freedom to retain the fruits of our labors and freedom from armed coercion. You should want these rights too.

All other so-called ‘rights’ which people march and shout for are, in actuality, the ‘rights’ to have others forcibly enslaved to their service.

A ‘right’ to jobs is a thinly disguised ‘right’ to have the intelligent and able thrown out of their jobs, by force, in order that the ill-trained, ignorant and inflexible might have jobs ‘on demand,’ regardless of ability.

Freedom from forced (armed) coercion is the most basic of rights. Without this, no other rights are possible. The only proper function of government is to protect citizens from forcible coercion, or enslavement, by another name.

The power of that word enslavement is not diminished by associating it with the modifier ‘partial.’

A man or woman who loves freedom is not prepared to be a partial slave; laboring under the whip for two thirds of the year in order that they might be allowed a little sunshine and freedom in the few final months. If you love freedom, you demand freedom – total and absolute freedom. If you allow yourself to come under the lash for five minutes in a year, then you acknowledge that the principle of the whip is acceptable. Your argument then reduces merely to bargaining with the master about how much whip-free time he will grant you. Yes?

Unfortunately, you cannot become a millionaire in some distant cave hidden in the mountains – you live in a certain sort of society and the way this is run has a dramatic effect on your freedom to generate wealth. So what is the nature of this society within which you must operate?

All politicians claim to believe in the rights of citizens to follow their dream, to do the best for themselves and their family. They ‘applaud’ individualism. They ‘acknowledge’ the great contribution made by scientists and engineers. They ‘encourage’ greater achievement and entrepreneurship. This is what we are told by all political parties.

The reality? Well, that’s different. I mentioned that the only proper function of government is to protect citizens against the use of force. Our government (all governments) do the exact opposite. Their prime method of operation is coercion through force and fear. This applies to everything the government does, from taxation to issuing of parking fines. You will comply or massive retaliatory force will be used against you, not, as would be proper, to protect you.

We have a ‘progressive’ tax system. As an aspiring millionaire you need to know and believe that few things can be more evil. Thus, contrary to government lies and evasions, the strong, fit, hardworking, intelligent, brilliant, creative people (that’s you) are fined in direct proportion to their contribution. The cleverer you are, the larger your fine. The more creative and hardworking you are, the more of your life you will be forced to sacrifice. Struggle, kick, scream or even argue and you risk sacrificing all of your life’s efforts to the agents of state control.

Where will your money go? The results of your labor? To pay for an unseen army of beggars, none of which you will ever meet. It pays their car insurance, telephone bill and shopping trip. It pays for anyone, anywhere who cares to stake a claim on the fruits of your labor. You are identified as a unit of production for the state. A cash-cow. The fact that they allow you to keep a little for yourself is no compensation for the man or woman who loves freedom.

Seize your freedom now, and with clarity about your actions.


Jim Sheridan

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