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The War on Christianity Is Escalating

Sri Lanka church bombingIt’s actually reached the point where the easiest way to find out what is happening in the world is to see what the left is saying. Well, you have to listen properly.

If they tell you that Republicans are obstructing justice and coordinated with foreign powers in the last election, it should clue you in that it was actually the Democrats who have done that.

If they tell you there is a war on the poor, it’s probably a war on the rich.

If they tell you there’s a Constitutional crisis, it might be because they want to abolish the Electoral College, give voting rights to children and felons and eliminate criminality in general.

So, when they tell you that there is no war on Christianity, you can trust that there is definitely such a war. And, it’s escalating.

Sri Lanka

This is the big story that you actually heard. On Easter Sunday, a coordinated Islamic terrorist attack suicide bombed multiple Catholic churches in Sri Lanka. It represents one of the largest single terrorist attacks in recent memory.

The combined bombings killed nearly 300 people, and many hundreds more suffered life-altering injuries. This bombing was the epitome of religious hatred.

There are a few stories within the attack that speak to the global opinion of Christianity. The first has to do with the governments of India and Sri Lanka. They were aware of the terrorist plot, but they did nothing to try and prevent it.

At a glance, you might just assume it was a case of understaffed law enforcement or a lack of actionable intelligence. It wasn’t. It was deliberate negligence.

In the region, Christianity has been growing rapidly. That growth has been met with open hostility. In both India and Sri Lanka, violent attacks on Christians are routinely met with indifference and are rarely prosecuted.

This bombing happened because law enforcement lacked the will to protect their Christian residents. Now they have to face the fallout because non-Christians were hurt and killed in the process.

The other story nested within this violence is the response of the American left. Democratic leaders went to great lengths to avoid mentioning the word “Christian” when addressing the attack.

Instead, they carefully referred to victims as “Easter worshipers.” It was pretty gross.

Mainstream media was even worse. CNN specifically named several dozen victims of the bombings. They were all victims of a hotel bombing. Not a single churchgoer was on their list.

CNN very deliberately avoided admitting that this was a hate crime against Christians, and their efforts were thinly veiled.

Burkina Faso

This past Sunday, there was a new attack. This one took place in Africa. During Catholic mass, 20 to 30 gunmen opened fired on a church. They killed six, including the priest leading the mass, and injured many others.

While this is the most recent attack in Burkina Faso, it’s hardly an outlier. So far, 2019 has seen a rapid increase in violence against Christians. There have been four different terrorist attacks within the last month alone.

What’s crazy is that Burkina Faso was once known as one of the most religiously tolerant regions in Africa. The continued support of French military affords the country a bit more political stability than some of its neighbors.

In the past two years, that stability has been regularly challenged by militant radical Muslims. As a result, Christians are now being murdered by the dozens.


Here’s a story you definitely didn’t know. While the world was reeling from the bombings in Sri Lanka, another attack on Easter services took place in Nigeria. In this one, a police officer drove a truck through a group of children who were congregated for Easter festivities. This monster murdered 11 and wounded 30.

You might think that the magnitude of the Sri Lanka bombings overshadowed this story, but the truth is that no one in mainstream media would have reported it anyway. As sick as this attack was, it was hardly an outlier in modern Nigeria.

You probably already know that Nigeria is the primary home of the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. They’ve always tried to be one of the worst terrorist groups in the world. Now, they’re finally succeeding.

So far, they’ve acquitted themselves as the deadliest terrorist organization on the planet, and the majority of their violence is aimed at Nigerian Christians.

The craziest thing about Nigeria is that it’s roughly half Christian by population. The southern portion of the nation is almost homogeneously Christian, and they control half of the national government. That’s doing them exactly zero good because the northern half of the country supports Boko Haram.

The end is a one-sided stream of violence that includes radical Muslims murdering Christians.

When you tally all of the coordinated attacks on Christianity across the globe, you find that it’s the single most persecuted demographic on the planet. Every day, 11 Christians are murdered for their faith.

Each month, 105 churches are attacked, and 219 Christians are detained without due process. If this doesn’t sound like a global war on Christianity, then nothing ever will.

Any Christian who has read the Bible won’t be surprised by any of these statistics. We all know that the world will hate the righteous — right up until the end.

That doesn’t change the fact that western countries, built and sustained by Judeo-Christian values, are effectively abandoning the most persecuted people in the world. They’re doing it solely to pander to a radicalized left.

The complicit media is hiding these attacks to the point where many Christians in the U.S. are unaware of the true extent of the problem.

Just like they said there was no migrant crisis, they tell us that there is no war on Christianity. The dead tell a different story.

The simple truth is that the left hates your faith, and they hate you for maintaining it. Unchecked, their hate will eventually spill far more blood, with greater vengeance and efficiency, than any Muslim jihad.

This is deadly serious. Anyone who denies the war on Christianity is contributing to these murders and the countless more to come.

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