Saturday, June 6, 2020
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The League of power

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What Are You REALLY Voting For?

By Jim Sheridan

Hello again, and welcome to another attempt of mine to create a jewel of coherency in the mud of confusion we inhabit. The rhetoric surrounding this election (that’s being beamed out of TV sets forced in my face at every restaurant I frequent) is compelling me to comment this week…

Yes, it’s going to get controversial, so think and say what you will. I have my riot shield ready for your reaction!


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So, the dog and pony show we call elections approaches, and every citizen looks forward to exercising that little shred of perceived power known as a vote.

Who are you voting for? Will it make much of a difference? Are there enough choices available?

Are the two sides really that much different from each other? Is either of the candidates going to fix the immediate and extremely critical situation of the national debt? Does the national debt even matter??

You know, it’s funny, but I don’t see a lot changing from one president to another. For example, the healthcare system in this country is still an abominable nightmare that even many doctors don’t understand. Most of all, the progressive taxation system hasn’t changed.

What’s a progressive taxation system? It’s where the percentage rate of taxes you pay goes up the more you make, a sliding scale.

Should the rich pay more in taxes?

This is a question that seems to define which way people vote, one party apparently saying ‘yes’, and the other party apparently saying ‘no’. But what are both parties REALLY saying by their ACTIONS, not words…?

The fact of the matter is this:

The rich already DO pay more in taxes because of the progressive taxation system that BOTH parties have not, and will not change.

If you have a bigger house, you pay more in property tax, even though you use the same facilities as everyone else. Is that fair?

Even if the income tax was a flat 25% across the board the rich would still pay more because 25% of $200,000 a year is a lot more than 25% of $20,000 a year!

Let’s say two people go to the movies tonight, one earns $20k a year, and the other earns $200k a year. These two men stand at the ticket booth, and the conversation goes like this (if this scenario actually took place, this is how the conversation really would go):

Poor man: “I don’t think it’s fair that I have to pay the same as that rich man. We both have to pay $10, but I should pay less because I have less money than him.”

Ticket agent: “But you’re both going to see the same movie, you’re both going to enjoy the same facilities.”

Poor man: “Well, he earns more. And another thing, I can’t afford to buy popcorn from the concessions counter. That should be free for me.”

Ticket agent: “We don’t give out free popcorn to anyone, sir. Everyone has to pay.”

Rich man: “Is this going to take long? I’ll just go to another movie theatre if I get any more hassle, and I’ll take my money with me.”

Ticket agent: “Look, everyone pays the same, it’s that simple. If you want popcorn, then you need to get the money to pay for it. Now pay up, or go home.”

Rich man: “I downloaded this 10% discount coupon from the Internet for my admission.”

Ticket Agent: “That’s fine, sir. Now you only pay $9.”

Poor Man: “What? That’s outrageous! He actually pays LESS than me?”

Ticket Agent: “If you had taken the trouble to download that coupon you’d also get a discount.”

Is that movie theater being mean? Shouldn’t everyone have the RIGHT to watch the movie? And shouldn’t some people get free popcorn? If so, where’s the cut-off so people don’t scam the theater?

You tell me. You’re the voter.

What might help your decision is to consider the financial statements of movies theaters compared to the financial statements of America. For example, AMC Theaters posted a net income of $18 million for the last quarter. Uncle Sam didn’t do so well, and keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into a ludicrous amount of debt. To all intents and purposes, America is bankrupt.

Who has the best system, AMC Theaters or the American government?

But, my friend, don’t get too hot under the collar about this quandary because the choice has already been made for you. You see, whichever way you vote, you are still voting for a system that caters to the demand of that poor man at the movie theater, because both parties endorse progressive taxation.

The two parties merely nudge the scales of progressive taxation in slightly different ways, so that’s really the only choice you’re being given, neither way will make a drastic difference to your life. The power you have to vote is really a token gesture offered to you by the elite. Anyway, here’s a question that may help you make your decision, albeit a very diluted decision you have:

Do you want an economically healthy America?

The bond markets certainly do. What are the bond markets, and why should you care?

Well, look at it this way. How does America continue if it owes so much debt? Where’s the money coming from?

America borrows it by issuing bonds that anyone can buy, and pays interest on those bonds. If not enough people buy those bonds, interest rates go too high, and the debt becomes expensive. That happened a long time ago already. So America decides to print as much money as it needs to buy its own bonds. That’s why gold has been flying.

And this last week we had The Fed finally admit to something I predicted would happen months ago: that they would print an unlimited amount of money to buy their own debts for as long as it takes. This isn’t “QE3”, it’s “QE4ever”.

Once the bond markets finally react to this scam (and it’s coming), America’s debt will become too expensive, mortgage rates will rise, and no amount of legal counterfeiting will save us… unless a government really does decide to do something sensible like spend less money and actually attempt to balance a check book.

But that won’t happen. In a democracy, you have to pander to voters, and voters will simply not suffer higher taxes or less free money handouts. That leaves only one path for power-hungry politicians: PRINT MONEY.

And when the house of cards crumbles, perhaps triggered by a war somewhere, they will look for a scapegoat to blame, probably the rich.

Of course, none of what I say will make any difference to how you vote, and it really wasn’t my intention anyway. Most people will vote the same way they’ve always voted, perhaps the same way their parents voted, without really knowing what they’re voting for and how little difference it will make. They will accept a package deal of values without questioning them, and vote for the party that that package slots into most conveniently.

We know this much: a new president will get elected. And whoever this president is, and regardless of his lame promises, he will NOT make the tough choices this leader needs to make: to deal with America’s debt before this money-printing fiasco becomes a catastrophe that, ironically, will destroy the biggest section of the voters: the middle classes. But at least they will have got what they voted for.


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Best wishes,

Jim Sheridan.

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  1. Lelani September 24, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    See Jim,

    You’re not talking by facts. If you think the the kind of republican that want to get into the White-house will change, not on your life. First of all, the ruckus that was started by the Republicans was made purely based on race. I knew it long before that there was going to be some yelling about losing their power. What power have the Republicans spoken anything worth listening to? Nope, no facts, to back up his words…. all he does is talk about Obama. He must be scared of Obama winning or he wouldn’t put so much emphasis on him. Besides, the Republicans were in office for 16yrs. and left a mess. Is that what You and the rest of the republicans want? And you’re crying about paying taxes, when the middle class has been decimated in those 16yrs? Read those 16 yrs over again. You’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m sorry, I’m an independent and I call it like I see it. Even Maine’s high senator, will not run for office because of Romney’s behavior. Olympia Snow is her name. You need to get your facts in a row….then tell me how wonderful Romney is.Sorry, me and politics are not good buddies, it’s the hypocritical attitude. So you’re saying someone who had basked a sitting president, will be better at it than a sitting president. It had nothing to do with brains or any of that….it’s purely that Obama is a person of color. But you know what? This country has a lot of people of color, and in a few decades, trust me, the whites will be in the minorities. I’m 71, so I may never see it, but you will, so mark my words!!

    Eternal Servitude? There’s only only one Eternal Servitude and that is to God.If anyone thinks otherwise….that is against God’s Laws. Do we live by human laws because Majority does? Or do we live by the rules and laws of the Bible that brought to us the rules for appropriate behavior, Love thy neighbor as yourself, and so on an so on. Let’s us not get away from the decadence this country has fallen into, even in my time, I’ve seen it, but I don’t live it. I almost did..but I will not lie…and government and clergy ask us to lie every day. Maybe that’s enough food to think about. I don’t belong to any organization because that just approves of what they think and I might not always agree.

  2. Mark Brickey September 24, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Yes, so much if not all of what you’re saying is true, BUT what are we as peons supposed to do about it? We vote the choices we’re given.

    Firstly, we also KNOW that it has taken DECADES even a century or more for the progressives to bring us to this edge of socialism. There’s no way that we’d be able to drastically change the “system” without severe ramifications to a large number of people from those on welfare that NEED it to what are we to do with hundreds of thousands of Government employees if we suddenly cut the HUD, DOE, HHS, and 100’s of other crap bureaucracies?

    I also disagree with your blanket statement of both parties being so “similar” – the Republican platform does NOT encourage abortion, “in your face” homosexuality, crippling taxes to top earners, socialism/communism, “deqad” people allowed to vote, and on and on.

    Yes, R/R has its issues. I’d much rather have Ryan on top or even someone more like Cain or Palin or ultimately Ron Paul on a leash. Of course, if we could get STOSSEL to run….

    But we don’t have that option, unless we are going to toss this election right back to Obama. We need to start right where we are, with what we have. And work HARD to keep these guys in line, with their aim back to Federalism, away from Democracy & Socialism/Communism.

  3. Nick September 24, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    This whole country is lame, except the rich of course.

  4. Glenn Timberlake September 25, 2012 at 3:41 am

    When folk start throwing manure at each other everyone is going to end up kind of crappy. The world is getting to be a more treacherous place. We all need to work at loving our neighbor as ourselves. I don’t equate helping someone with enabling bad behaviors at home or abroad. I believe we should work for our sustenance if we can. Sometimes that requires change. And that is often hard and scary. I have been unemployed, too. I know the published unemployment numbers are bogus and very understated. I know inflation is more and higher than is told. And that makes it harder to make purchases. I know college tuition and the price of college textbooks is outrageous. I know that printing money is going to make the price of everything go up and that will hurt businesses and that will cost jobs and hurt families. I also know the current administration is going to keep printing money and make everything worse because they have said so. In effect, drink more alcohol and you will get sober or eat more sugar and you will get slim. Just because you say you believe something does that make it true? I know the stock market is bloated with fluffy money and it is going to get real sick and throw up soon. And printing more bad paper and shorting people and stealing value will only make it sicker. Watch and see.

  5. Stephanie September 25, 2012 at 5:44 am

    That was one of the best articles I’ve read in a while. I especially liked the,” this isn’t QE3, its QE4ever! So true!

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