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Work From Home as a Bookkeeper

Being an accountant or a bookkeeper is easier than ever these days. Even if you’re not a math whiz, there are many, many software programs that make “balancing the books” easier than ever before.

So if you’re looking to make a career change and the idea of working from home sounds ideal to you, consider becoming a work-at-home bookkeeper. It’s rewarding, pays well, and easier than you might think.


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What a Bookkeeper Does

As a bookkeeper, your job will be to keep track of all financial transactions conducted by your employer. This includes profits, expenses, receipts, and any other income or payments. And as I mentioned above, you don’t need a degree in accounting or economics or advanced mathematics to make this your full-time occupation.

There is a plethora of computer software programs that make handling financial transactions a snap. You simply enter numbers into the program, and it does the calculations for you. In many cases, it’ll generate tax forms, invoices, and accounting reports automatically.

Gone are the days of sitting at a desk for hours, entering figures into a large leather-bound volume and working the hand-crank calculator. Don’t think of bookkeeping as a dusty job where you spend hour after hour counting beans – these days bookkeeping is a vital aspect to every company and constantly evolves.

Programs such as QuickBooks Pro and Bookkeeper are affordable, intuitive, and offer great tech support. There are also more advanced programs that can cost thousands of dollars, but I suggest staying clear of those. As a bookkeeper, you don’t need all the features these more advanced programs offer. They’re designed more as one-stop management software for small businesses.

As a bookkeeper, a program such as QuickBooks Pro or AccountEdge will have everything you need in a simple, intuitive interface. Microsoft Excel is also widely used and comes preloaded with most computers.

You Have the Software and the Desire… What Now?

Bookkeeping is one of those jobs that will always be in demand. As long as businesses operate and generate money, there will always be a need for someone to look after the books. And you won’t be confined to a specific industry – you’ll be able to work for all kinds of companies: hotels, casinos, Fortune 500 firms, lawyers, a doctor’s office, online businesses, photography studios, book stores, any business really… the possibilities are endless. And because so much of the work is conducted on a computer, there’s really no need for you to work from an office.

Does the idea of working in your pajamas, setting your own hours, and not sharing a cubicle sound good to you? I know it sounds good to me! So here are a few resources to help you land that lucrative bookkeeping job:

*    American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers – http://www.aipbjobs.com

This is a great resource not just to find a job, but also learn tips, trade information, and learn more about the job of bookkeeping.

*    A great place to search for jobs – http://www.bookkeeperjobs.com

*    If you like the freedom that comes from being a freelancer, this is the site for you. It’s chock full of great freelance accounting gigs – http://www.freelancer.com/jobs/Accounting

Being the Best Bookkeeper You Can Be

The business of good bookkeeping is absolutely essential for a company to succeed in the market. How many times have you seen a headline about some company being fined thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars because they didn’t have their books in order? That’s why a good bookkeeper will never have trouble finding work.

It’s a meticulous, highly-detailed line of work. But if you have the patience, diligence, and you love working with numbers, there’s no job out there that will give you the satisfaction and remuneration that bookkeeping will.

I wish you the best of luck!

John Hollister

P.S. I’ve just given you all the tips you need to become a successful bookkeeper. But here are a few more resources to help you on your way.


Finding a Job




Learning the Trade








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    I think it is brilliant for companies to give people the opportunity to work from home with this high unemployment rate our country is suffering from and i personally think more work will be done by hard working people if they see there earnings for the effort they put in THIS IS BRILLIANT

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